Excessive Yellow Notifications

Frequent/Excessive Yellow Light Notifications Article

This help article is designed to help customers who are getting frequent Yellow Light notifications on their Base Station. There are three possible reasons why you are getting a Yellow Light notice. These three reasons are listed below, followed in more detail with resolutions for each possible cause. 

  1. Use of the wrong size or incorrect placement of the SockIncorrect placement of the Sensor inside the Sock
  2. Too much ambient light




Potential  Causes

  • Potential Cause #1:  Wrong size sock or incorrect placement of the sock on your baby’s foot.
  • Potential Cause #2:  Incorrect placement of the electronic Sensor in the sock.
    • Possible Solutions:  Adjust the Sensor in the sock
    • Make sure Sensor are centered in the windows of the sock
    • Make sure the round head of the Sensor is fully inserted into the sock and held in place by the fabric.
    • Please see the last solution in the Sock Fit & Placement Guide, you’ll find the content you need on the bottom of the page.


  • Potential Cause #3: Too much ambient light where the baby is sleeping.
    • Possible Solution:  The sock is intended for night-time use, during naps, or other times with greater ambient light, ensure the baby/sock is not in direct sunlight.



If you are still unable to resolve the problem, please contact our customer service team at:

  • Chat: Please click the “help button” on the bottom right of this page. 
  • Email:  contact@owletcare.com
  • Call:  1 (844) 334-5330