Before continuing, we’ll need to verify that the sensor is the component causing the problem and not the base station power ports or charging cable. Please check the boxes as you go through the steps below to confirm that you have tried isolating the issue. 

1. Check the USB connector for damage: Check the end of the sensor’s connector. Does it appear to be damaged? Is there foil sticking out? Are any of the pins inside bent or twisted? If so, please proceed to the form here. If no physical damage can be seen, please continue to step 2. 

a. usbdamage4.PNG b. usbdamage2.PNG c. usbdamage.PNG d. usbdamage3.PNG


2. Check the power ports on the base station: Remove the sensor from the base station. Now connect the power adapter to the power port to which the sensor was just connected. If the base station doesn’t power on then the issue is isolated to the base station power port. The base station will need to be replaced. To obtain a new base station, please email our customer care team at If the base station powers on, please move on to step 3. 

a. basestation2_edit.jpg  b. basestation1_edit.jpg

3. Check the sensor’s charging cable: Swap the sensor charging cable with the wall adapter cable and connect the sensor directly to the wall. If the sensor begins charging, then the charging cable is the component causing the issue. Please fill out the form here to receive a new cable (and sensor). If the sensor still doesn’t charge or power on, then please fill out the form below to receive a replacement sensor (and cable).

a. basestation5_edit.jpg


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