Troubleshooting Error Messages in the New App

Are you experiencing difficulty using the New Owlet app after switching from the Old Owlet app? Find solutions to the three most common issues below to get started.


Server Error Message

If you are seeing a persistent server error message while trying to use your device in the new app, verify that you have deleted the Old app from your phone. Once you have done so, re-add your Owlet device in the new app. You will need to walk through the setup for this device— please be sure to have it on hand.

Go to Account<My Owlet Devices<Add Device to add it within the app again. Note that you will not need to delete your device from the app before you add it in again. 




Error Code

Sometimes an issue may occur when downloading the app from the app store. Please uninstall and reinstall the app if this error is appearing for you.




Email Already in Use

You may have previously created a profile within the New Owlet app. If you receive the prompt seen above during account creation and don't remember your login, select ‘forgot password’ and you’ll be sent an email to reset your password.