When you see your Cam WiFi Connection is Fair or Weak, check your Cam's RSSI to improve the connection to the router. 

RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator and measures how well a device is receiving a signal from a router. A good RSSI score/level is anywhere between -55 and -1, which is sufficient for streaming video and audio. The closer the RSSI is to zero, the better.

-35 to -1 -> EXCELLENT
-55 to -36 -> GOOD
-76 to -56 -> FAIR
-77 and beyond -> WEAK

After removing obstacles or moving your router and Cam closer, check the RSSI to see if it improved. You can also reach out to your router manufacturer or internet provider for tips on how to improve the connection.

You can view your Cam's RSSI by going to Account<My Owlet Devices<Cam and scroll until you see Signal Strength.



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