Owlet Cam Temperature Sensor

Temperature Not Displaying

Power interruptions or wifi disconnections can prevent the temperature from showing up correctly. 

Most temperature issues can be resolved by a simple power cycle. To do this, disconnect the power cable from the Owlet Cam for 3-5 minutes then reconnect it.

If the temperature still isn't showing up, make sure the cable is firmly connected to the wall or try a different power outlet. Contact customer service if the issue persists at contact@owletcare.com.

Inaccurate Temp Readings

The Owlet Cam's thermostat is located in the USB cable so if the temperature sensor isn't providing accurate readings, that is likely the source. Try to keep the thermostat section in contact with the same ambient air as your child to get the most accurate readings. Keeping it in a cool place or near a heater will cause it to provide misleading readings. If you believe the cable to be faulty then please reach out to customer service for a replacement at Contact@owletcare.com.

Temperature Sensor Parameters

The Owlet Cam has a built-in temperature sensor that displays the temperature in Fahrenheit on the homescreen of the Owlet App. No more guessing whether baby’s room might be too hot or too cold. Here’s a breakdown of Owlet Cam temperature sensor parameters:


The room is just right - The temperature in the room is between 63° and 83°

The room is too cold - The temperature in the room is below 63°

The room is too hot - The temperature in the room is above 83°




How to change the Owlet Cam temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Open to your iPhone settings and then scroll down and click on General. Next, click on Language & Region. Towards the bottom of the screen you’ll see a button that says Temperature Unit. Tap on this button and then you’ll be able to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.



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