Owlet Cam Connectivity

The following key indicates the signal strength from the Cam to your router. 




Excellent or Good

You have a strong connection between the Cam and your router. 

Fair or Weak

The connection you have between the Cam and router needs improvement. Try removing obstacles or move them closer together. You can start by relocating your router to the same floor of the house as your device. Click here to learn more.


If your Owlet Cam is disconnected from your WiFi, try the following:

  • Force close the Owlet app, then reopen the app
  • Complete a power cycle
    • Force-close the Owlet app
    • Unplug the Cam
    • Wait two minutes
    • Plug the Cam back into the outlet
    • Open the Owlet app

If the Cam status light is blue or blinking blue this indicates a connectivity issue. To resolve:

  • Remove the Owlet Cam from app
    • To remove the Cam, open the Owlet app and select the Account tab. Under devices, select the Cam and scroll down until you see Remove Device. Confirm you want to remove the Owlet Cam. 
  • Reset the Cam to pairing mode 
    • Hold the button on the back of the Cam for three seconds. The status light on the front of the Cam will blink red and blue, and the Cam will say “ready to pair.”
  • Re-add the Cam to the app 
    • Open the Owlet app and choose the option to set up an Owlet device. Select Owlet Cam and enable your location so the app can detect your WiFi network.
    • A QR code will appear in the app and prompt you to scan the code with the Cam. Hold your phone about six inches in front of the Cam and wait to hear a chime. Set up will continue automatically and may take up to two minutes. When finished, you will see a screen that says “Pairing successful.”
    • Reassign your Cam to a child profile.

If you are still experiencing connectivity issues with your Owlet Cam, please reach out to customer service for further assistance.

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