After a couple of days of working on sleep, we thought we were in the home stretch--our baby was going down with little or no crying, and if she woke she put herself back to sleep fairly quickly. Then she suddenly starting waking at night again. She’s not

This phenomenon has a clinical term, and it’s called an extinction burst. It can happen on the third night, the fifth, or really at any point as you’re helping your baby learn how to sleep, and it can feel like suddenly all your hard work has gone out the window. Don't worry, it hasn't! Instead, your baby is in the final stages of learning how to sleep, and her old patterns are returning briefly for one final curtain call before bowing out for good. Although it can feel disheartening to have a bumpy night after several much smoother ones, rest assured that her new sleep habits have indeed begun to solidify, and she’ll probably sleep much better the very next night.

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