Looking for the Old Owlet App? Let’s get updated!

In an effort to bring you the best experience with our products, we are encouraging all Owlet users to install the new Owlet app at their own convenience for both Android and iOS devices. The new app is packed with robust features and gives parents the ability to track the quality and duration of their baby’s sleep and see historical trends all within the same app!

The Old Smart Sock app will not be supported in future versions of iOS, including iOS 13, or Android. While you can still use the old app to view Smart Sock live-readings from your baby, you will not have access to newer features such as sleep tracking, heart rate and oxygen level history trends and more. Additionally, the Old Smart Sock app does not support integration with the Owlet Cam. 

We appreciate your continued support of Owlet and our mission. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us by chatting in or give us a call.

Thanks for being part of the Owlet Family!


Old App



New App


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