Owlet Cam Setup Error OC01

Looks like you've received the error "OC01" during Cam setup.  Don't panic, your status light indicates what is needed to successfully connect.


Blinking Red and Blue Status Light

Make sure that your WiFi name, password, and settings meet the following requirements. Return to set up and check that-

  • WiFi network name and password must be entered correctly.
  • Ensure that the network name and password do not exceed 32 characters*.
  • Check to see if you have two WiFi network names. If so, make sure your phone is connecting to the 2.4ghz band.

*Some users may need to remove spaces or special characters from the network name.


Solid Blue Status Light

Your Cam is now connected to the internet but is having trouble connecting to your phone.

  • If you left the app during set up, try set up again and leave the app open during the set up process.
  • Make sure the router settings allow devices on your network to communicate with each other. This is usually seen with guest networks. You will need to change the settings to allow for set up and try again.
  • If you have one WiFi name, you will need to split the band and use 2.4ghz for set up. If you need assistance, please call our team for assistance. 


No Visible Status Light 

Make sure the cable is pulled in to a power source. Perform a hard reset by holding the small circular button on the back of the Cam until you hear "resetting". The Cam will now be in pairing mode with the status light blinking red and blue. Go back to the app and try set up again.


*If you continue to run into problems and receive errors during cam setup, please contact Customer Care.



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