Cam 1 Cable Guards

Owlet is committed to safety. That’s why we designed the Owlet Camera to be the safest baby camera on the market.

The biggest risk with any monitoring device is the cord. We provide cable guards with our camera to not only look really sleek but to also keep your cords contained and your little one out of trouble.

Use the following instructions to safely install your camera.

  1. When mounting the camera, make sure the camera is at least 36 inches above your child’s sleep area.
  2. Keep all cords secured whether you can see them or not. This includes behind the crib and down to the ground. If the cord is within three feet of your child, the cable guards need to be in place. A cable management box is included to make sure all of the excess cord you don’t use can be secured. The cable management box should also be placed 36 inches away from your child's sleep area.

While your little one is hardly stirring now, in just a short time, they will become much more active and begin to explore their surroundings, so help us make sure it’s a safe one.

Check out the Owlet Cam installation video here and a more detailed link to the instructions here.

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