Smart Sock and Base Station App Status

Wi-Fi Disconnected from Base Station

Possible Causes

  • The app may be showing an incorrect status - the Base Station may actually be connected to the internet and the app doesn't know it yet.
  • Home WiFi disruption
  • The Base Station may be out of range of your internet router

Possible Solutions

  • It is possible that the Base Station is successfully connected to WiFi but the app just doesn't know it.
    Before doing any other troubleshooting, you should first:
  1. Check the bottom of your Base Station, there is a small indicator light that says "WiFi". If that light is brightly illuminated, then your Base Station is already successfully connected to WiFi. If that light is not lit, skip down to the next section of troubleshooting "Home WiFi Disruption"
  2. If your base is successfully connected to WiFi and the App doesn't show that it is, uninstall the app and then reinstall it. This will help it to refresh all of the details and successfully connect with your device.
  3. If the status is still showing that the Base Station is not connected to your home WiFi, contact our Tech Support line at 1-844-334-3717
  • Home WiFi Disruption (Steps in order)
    1. Wait a few minutes for the WiFi to automatically reconnect, when the Base Station is connected to WiFi, the small indicator light on the bottom of the Base will be brightly illuminated. If not:
    2. Reset your home WiFi (reset the router)
    3. If your other WiFi devices are having trouble connecting to the internet, try calling your Internet Service Provider for help with your service outage or technical difficulties.
  • The Base Station May Be Out Of Range Of Your Internet Router
    • Especially if occurring during initial set up, it could be that your WiFi router is just a little too far away. Setup requires a bit more bandwidth than normal use, so if this is happening while you're setting up, move the Base Station closer to your router, complete the setup, and then move the Base Station to your little one's room
    • If occurring during regular use, try moving your Base Station and home router closer together (WiFi range extenders and second routers will not work) 

Movement Detection (Wiggling Feet Icon)

Owlet uses motion sensing when your baby is active, then resumes readings when he/she is still again.

The wiggling feet icon appears when the Smart Sock detects movement. Readings and notifications will be momentarily paused until baby is holding still again.

The most recent accurate reading before movement was detected will be visible in the background.


The Owlet Smart Sock reads any movement as your baby's movement. For this reason, avoid bed-sharing or using swings while using the device.




Typically, pulse oximeters don’t read through movement very well. Movement affects all pulse oximeters’ ability to accurately measure, creating many false alarms.

Read a more technical explanation here.

Owlet combined pulse oximeter technology with an accelerometer. This means that instead of just notifying, Owlet can tell when the readings can’t be trusted, and instead show you that your baby is simply wiggling adorably. More sleep for all.

Remember, this product is intended for night-time use. If your baby is awake and moving, you are less likely to get a good read. Bed-sharing has also been shown to cause serious harm.


The Base Station Is Giving a Red Notification (Flashing Light/Notification Sounding) 


Possible Causes

  • Incorrect sock size or placement
  • Actual low/high heart rate
  • Actual low oxygen levels


Possible Solutions

Ensure you have a good sock fit by reviewing our Sock Fit Guide and learn more about Preventing False Red Notifications.

The Base Station Is Giving a Yellow Notification (Flashing Light/Song)


Possible Causes

The sock is not getting a good read

  • Wrong sized sock
  • Incorrect placement of the sock on foot
    • Sock Sensor positioned incorrectly on foot (Bottom of the right foot, top of the left)
    • Foot not fully inserted into sock
    • Sock not fitting snuggly enough
  • Incorrect placement of the electronics within the sock
  • Ambient light too bright

If you are using the monitor with twins, the sensor may have inadvertently connected with both base stations.


Possible Solutions

  • Review sock sizing and choose a sock that fits snuggly (no excessive wrinkling or bagginess)
  • Adjust Sock Placement
    • Make sure baby’s toes go all the way to the edge of the sock (feel the toes right on the end, esp. the pinkie toe)
    • Make sure sock is snug - adjust the back strap and bottom strap to obtain a snug fit.
  • Adjust electronics within the sock
    • Make sure sensors are centered in the windows of the sock
    • Make sure the round head of the electronics are fully inserted into the sock and held in place
  • The sock is intended for night-time use, during naps or other times with greater ambient light, keep the sock under a blanket or remove the baby/sock from direct sunlight.

The Base Station is Giving a Blue Notification (Flashing Light/Song)


Possible Causes

Bluetooth disconnection between the sock and Base Station

  • The baby (and sock) is no longer in range of the Base Station.
  • The Base Station is set up too far from where the baby primarily sleeps.
  • A person or other object is blocking the Bluetooth signal.

Sock electronics battery is critically low or has died


Possible Solutions

  • If the baby is moved from where they primarily sleep, tap the base station to turn off notifications.  
  • When the baby is back in range/ready for bed, tap the Base Station to turn notifications back on (light will turn back on).
  • If the baby is being fed or held, tap the base station to turn off notifications. When the baby is back in range/ready for bed, tap the Base Station to turn notifications back on (light will turn back on).

  • The Owlet monitor is NOT intended for use in co-sleeping scenarios. When the baby is back in range/ready for bed, tap the Base Station to turn notifications back on (light will turn back on).
  • Move the Base Station closer to where the baby is sleeping. The Base Station's range varies, like all radio emitting products, depending on location, home style, and building materials. If the Base Station gives a blue alert more than once, try moving it closer to where the baby sleeps. Some parents are able to use the Base Station from their night stand, while others keep the Base Station right in the baby's room (never place the Base Station within reach of the crib). 
  • Plug the sock electronics into the Base Station to charge.
  • Lower the sensitivity of blue notifications
  • If not available (i.e. the baby is sleeping and you don't want to wake him/her up) tap the base station to turn off notifications.
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