Cam Wi-Fi Setup

How to set up the Owlet Cam with your WiFi network:

When pairing your camera with the Owlet app, the app will ask you for your network name and password. This information will be securely transformed into a QR code. You will show this QR code from your phone’s screen, to the lens of the camera. This will allow your Owlet Cam to connect to your home WiFi.


How to change the Owlet Cam WiFi connection:

The Owlet Cam will remember up to 5 WiFi networks. When you move the camera from one WiFi network to another, go to the settings in the Owlet app, and follow the on-screen instructions to pair your camera to a new network. When you return to a network you have been to in the past, you won’t need to do anything, the camera should automatically reconnect to that network.


Here are a few things to keep in mind as you set up your Owlet Cam:


WiFi speed

The Owlet Cam requires a Wi-Fi upload and download speed of at least 3 mbps Wi-Fi speed. Check your Wi-Fi speed here.


WiFi settings

To protect the privacy and security of your family, only connect your Cam to secure Wi-Fi networks that you trust. In most cases, that will be your home Wi-Fi network. Ensure your router settings allow the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network to communicate with each other. 


WiFi router placement 

Make sure you’re near your Wi-Fi router during Cam set up. This will give you the strongest signal and make setting up your Cam fast and easy. Additionally, having your Wi-Fi router on the same floor as your Cam will also help.


Error codes

If you get an error code during Cam setup, don’t worry. The most common error code is OC01, which usually indicates a connectivity issue and is easy to address. Click here for more information on the OC01 error code.

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