Pairing Your New Sock

Plug the sock into the base station, and the base station into the wall

  • If you have more than one unit do not try this simultaneously - wait until the first unit is completely set up and registered, and then unplug it, and repeat with the second unit

Force quit the app on ANY DEVICE where the app might be open

Pair the new Owlet Smart Sock to the Base Station

  1. Flip the Base Station over.
  2. Quickly press the small, rectangle button three times (3x) within 3 seconds. You should hear a beep or chirp.
  3. Quickly press the big, round button twice (2x) within 2 seconds and then wait for a chirp or beep. It should be paired! 

Wait 1-2 minutes before continuing

Confirm it successfully paired  

The simplest way to confirm that the sock has successfully paired is to unplug the Sock from the Base Station and set it down. Wait for the base station to alarm yellow (indicating the sock is off the baby).

If the Base Station alarms blue, it has not successfully paired. Please contact technical support for assistance.

If you have successfully paired your Sock to your Base Station, continue setup through