Movement Detection

Movement Detection (Wiggling Feet Icon)

Owlet uses motion sensing when your baby is active, then resumes readings when he/she is still again.

The wiggling feet icon appears when the Smart Sock detects movement. Readings and notifications will be momentarily paused until baby is holding still again.

The most recent accurate reading before movement was detected will be visible in the background.


The Owlet Smart Sock reads any movement as your baby's movement. For this reason, avoid bed-sharing or using swings while using the device.




Typically, pulse oximeters don’t read through movement very well. Movement affects all pulse oximeters’ ability to accurately measure, creating many false alarms.

Read a more technical explanation here.

Owlet combined pulse oximeter technology with an accelerometer. This means that instead of just notifying, Owlet can tell when the readings can’t be trusted, and instead show you that your baby is simply wiggling adorably. More sleep for all.

Remember, this product is intended for night-time use. If your baby is awake and moving, you are less likely to get a good read. Bed-sharing has also been shown to cause serious harm.