Seeing Wiggling Feet Instead of Readings

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One of the features of Owlet is to pause readings and notifications when there is excessive motion, as that could give false readings. Owlet will purposely pause readings and will resume when there is less motion. When readings are paused due to motion, you will see wiggling feet.



The Owlet was designed this way to give the most accurate readings possible. You can read more about pulse oximetry technology here.




Possible Causes


  • Baby is moving
  • Use of swings and vibrating mats
  • Sock fit/placement may not be correct




Possible Solutions


  • The product is intended for night-time use.  If your baby is awake and moving you are less likely to get good reads. Don't rock baby or bed share while using Owlet. Doing so can pause readings.







  • Do not use Owlet with swings or vibrating mats as Owlet performance is adversely affected.







  • Another reason you may see that the app says that your little one is wiggling when they are not is if the sock is not the correct size or is not well positioned on his/her foot.
    Please view our sock sizing guide here for more info.


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