Smart Sock 2: Adjust Notification Sensitivity

Do you ever find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to a Yellow or Blue Notification and just turning off the base station so you can go back to bed? If so, this feature is for you! It is much safer to reduce the sensitivity of Yellow and Blue Notifications than to turn off your monitor for hours at a time. 


Sometimes a yellow or blue notification will reconnect on its own, and then silence itself. Lowering the sensitivity of your sock gives your device more time to connect.

To adjust your sensitivity follow these steps:


1. Go to the Account tab and select the device you want to adjust.



2. Select yellow or blue notification and adjust as desired. To lower the sensitivity, select “Low”. This does not affect the accuracy of the Owlet and it will still notify you if there is a red notification. It only delays the blue or yellow notifications, giving it enough time to reconnect or get a better reading before notifying you about it.


 Yellow notifications let you know when your device is not able to monitor. If you select “Sound off” there may be times throughout the night where we cannot get a reading and you will not be notified on the base station when this occurs.