How Long Does the Smart Sock Battery Last?

Currently, the battery will last approximately 18 hours of continuous use.  

The battery life is based on good usage - keeping the distance between the Smart Sock and Base Station within an optimal range, minimizing conditions that would cause false notifications, even the time of day or conditions under which you use the sock.  


General considerations

How long before use do you unplug the sock from the base station?

The Smart Sock Electronics automatically turns on when the unit is unplugged from the Base Station.  If you unplug the sock before you start to use it, it will continually try to get a read, draining the battery life.  It is recommended to leave the sock plugged in and charging whenever you aren't using it.

Are you getting Notifications?

Notifications can indicate that something is going wrong, or that the sock is trying harder to get a read and is on the edge of good readings.  Wearing an appropriately sized sock and using the monitor within its prescribed limits will help keep down false notifications and also extend the battery life.


Major influences on battery life 

Distance to Base Station

How far from base station is the sock during use? If your Smart Sock is too far from the Base Station, the Bluetooth communication will continue to be just out of range, causing it to continually search and shorten the daily battery life.

The Base Station to Smart Sock range varies, like all radio emitting products it depends on location, home style, building materials, as well as many other factors. If the battery life doesn't last long, try moving the Base Station closer to where the baby sleeps. A lot of parents are able to use the Base Station from their nightstand, while others keep the Base Station right in the baby's room (never place the Base Station within reach of the crib).

Even if the base station is fairly close to the sock, if you carry your baby out of the room without turning off the base station, this will require more power and deplete the battery more quickly.

Conditions for Monitoring

When do you use the sock? The best battery life is achieved when baby is sleeping in a dark room. This means you should consider ambient light conditions if you use the sock during the day for nap time. The brighter the light, the harder the unit will have to work.

Movement also plays a role in good monitoring. Ideally, your baby should be sleeping to get good reads. When awake and moving, the monitor will work harder and not only pause readings, but will also drain the battery.