How do I Prevent False Notifications?

We want to fade into the background to give you peace of mind with minimal disturbances. So here are some tips and tricks to help you reduce blue, yellow and red alerts.







These notifications indicate a disconnect event from the Smart Sock to the Base Station. We created a small, low-power, low-frequency, Smart Sock.  In doing so, the functional range from the Base Station to the Smart Sock is rather small, but here are some simple fixes:


Re-position your body

It's going to happen, you will snuggle up to your baby and with the Base Station only a few feet away you will receive one blue notification after another. Here’s why: your body is the perfect barrier between the Smart Sock and the Base Station connection. If you want to hold baby or feed in the middle of the night, just be sure to tap the Base Station once to turn it off. Just remember to turn it back on when you put baby to bed again!



In addition, don't rock baby or co-sleep (share the same bed) while using Owlet.


Turn off monitoring when you leave the room with baby

It feels like you left the house without your underwear on, (you laugh but mommy-brain is a dangerous thing!), the moment you close the door you realize you forgot to turn off monitoring. It’s ok, soon it will be second nature to "tap off" the Base Station before you leave.  

When taking the baby out of the room, tap the base station to turn off notifications first (lights will turn off). When the baby is back in the room, tap the Base Station to turn notifications back on (lights will turn back on).


Move Base Station closer to baby

Move the Base Station closer to where the baby is sleeping. The Base Station's range varies, like all radio emitting products, depending on location, home style, and building materials. If the Base Station gives blue alerts continually, try moving it closer to where the baby sleeps. Some parents are able to use the Base Station from their night stand, while others keep the Base Station right in the baby's room.

Never place the Base Station within reach of the crib.







A yellow notification indicates the Smart Sock is not getting a good reading.  This can happen when the Smart Sock falls off, or its placement on your baby's foot is not ideal.

Ensure a good Smart Sock fit

Almost all yellow notifications happen because baby is not wearing the correct sock size, or the sock is misplaced. This confuses the electronics and they are not able to get a good reading. Be sure to have the sock nice and snug on your baby’s foot.



Monitor only when baby is sleeping

This is the second biggest thing you can do to reduce yellow notifications. Movement and ambient light getting into the sock will confuse the electronics and cause false notifications.



Baby kicks Smart Sock off

As your baby gets older, kicking the sock off could be more of an issue. The Smart Sock was designed specifically to reduce "kick-off" events, but sometimes babies can be really determined! 

To keep the sock on your little one’s foot, you can put them in footed pajamas or put an every-day sock over the Owlet Smart Sock. Neither of these solutions will interfere with the Smart Socks ability to get a reading and send it to the Base Station.


Reposition Sensors

If you look inside the sock, you should see little sensors visible through two clear windows.


If the sensors are not clearly visible in the windows (even if they are right on the border), you might be increasing your chances for false alerts. 







Red Notifications indicate a low oxygen level, or an abnormally low or high heart rate. 

Ensure a good Smart Sock fit

Often red notifications happen due to an incorrect sock fit. Be sure to have the sock nice and snug on your baby’s foot with the sensors clearly behind your baby's toes.


If using the Newborn Sock, please see: Using the Newborn Sock

Baby might be sick

Please note that sick babies tend to have more false red notifications than healthy babies. While sick, your infant may have lower oxygen levels that drop below our preset threshold and trigger an alert.


**Owlet is not to be used as a medical or diagnostic tool. If you suspect your child is sick, it's your responsibility to see they get the medical attention they need.