Seeing Dashes Instead Of Readings


Possible Reasons

  1. Base Station has disconnected from the internet
  2. Sock has disconnected from the Base Station
  3. Sock is attempting to get a reliable reading


Possible Solutions

1. Verify that the small green light on the bottom of the base station (left side) is lit up. If not, review how to connect the base station to WiFi.


2. Verify the small green light on the bottom of the base station (right side) is lit up. If not review how to reconnect sock and base station.


3a. Review sock sizing and choose a sock that fits snugly (no excessive wrinkling or bagginess)

3b. Adjust Sock Placement

  • The updated fabric sock can be used on either foot
  • For either foot, place the notch on the outside of the foot 1 cm behind the pinky toe
  • Keep a snug fit but don't overtighten. If the strap is too long or too short, change to the correct sock size.

3c. Adjust electronics within the sock

  • Make sure sensors are centered in the windows of the sock
  • Make sure the round head of the electronics are fully inserted into the sock and held in place


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