Base Station Is Giving a Blue Notification (Flashing Light/Song) During the Setup Process

HD_-_BS_ALERTS-14.jpgPossible Causes

The Base Station is attempting to connect to sock but can't due to either:

  • Sock battery was not fully charged (died)
  • Sock was unplugged and moved too far from the Base Station, beyond the Bluetooth range


Possible Solutions

  • Plug the sock into the Base Station to allow it to fully charge
  • Return the sock to the Base Station for setup and plug the sock into the Base Station and the Base Station into the wall



**This scenario should only occur if upon starting setup, the sock was plugged into the Base Station (with the Base Station also plugged into the wall), and then unplugged shortly after. 

If this situation has occurred WITHOUT first having plugged in the sock, please follow the above steps and if not corrected, please call Customer Service for assistance. 

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