Base Station Won’t Connect to WiFi

 Possible Causes

  • Home WiFi may not be working
  • Your router may have a configuration that is not compatible with the Owlet.
    To find out more about router compatibility, go here
  • You may have the password incorrect
  • The Base Station may be out of range of your WiFi router
  • The status shown in the app may be incorrect


Possible Solutions

  • First, check the bottom of your Base Station and see if the small green indicator light that says "WiFi" is lit brightly. Make sure that it is not just the light shining through from the other side. You can be sure by pressing the base station once to dim the ring light and see if the WiFi indicator light is still lit brightly. If the WiFi light is not lit:
  • Double check your internet password
  • Move the Base Station closer to your internet router for setup, then move the Base Station back to nursery (more bandwidth can be required for setup)
  • Restart your phone and re-attempt to connect to WiFi
  • Reset your home internet router

If the WiFi light was lit on the bottom of the Base Station when you checked, but the app still says that it was unsuccessful in connecting, the app may be incorrect. You can skip forward in the setup to the registration step. To do this, look at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen in the Owlet app and press the button to skip forward. It will ask you if you really want to skip and you should press "Really skip"


If you are still unable to connect the Base Station to your home WiFi network, you may be able to connect the Base Station through a computer.

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