Reset/Turn Off The Smart Sock

Magnetic tap: (Turn off the Smart Sock Electronics)

There is a small magnet embedded in the Base Station just under the logo. This is used to reset or turn off the Smart Sock Electronics.

  1. Remove the electronics from the fabric sock.
  2. Slide the electronics head across the top center of the Base Station (see below), to turn off the electronics.  

The Sock lights should turn off, including on the tail.  

If the dome light was previously solid red or solid purple, or stays/becomes solid red or purple after attempting to reset the Smart Sock Electronics, you will need to call technical support to have it reset from our end.



*If the lights will not turn off, use a refrigerator or similar magnet - dragging it across the bottom of the electronics' dome.


If your goal is to turn the electronics off, STOP HERE.


For a simple reset, turn the electronics back on:

Once the lights have turned off wait 60 seconds and then plug the Smart Sock Electronics back into the Base Station.

The lights should return like normal.

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