Verify Phone And Base Station Are On The Same WiFi Network

The Owlet Base Station, like many devices cannot connect to 5G WiFi networks, hidden networks, or regular cellular networks.

Most WiFi enabled mobile devices have built in preferences to remember wireless networks.  This means that once the Owlet Base Station has successfully connected to your WiFi network, your mobile device used to connect the Base Station to that wireless network will return to its previously preferred network.  

If you normally use a 5G, hidden, or regular cellular network (3G or LTE), you will not be able to successfully register your Base Station to your Owlet account without temporarily connecting to a Base-Station-compatible network for setup, such as 2.4G.


Before selecting the Owlet network to connect to WiFi:

1. Manually forget any network that is not supported (5G, hidden, etc.).

2. Connect your phone to the same network you plan to use to connect the Base Station to the WiFi(2.4G network).

3. Connect the Base Station to the wireless network as indicated in the app.

4. Check to make sure the phone or mobile device is still connected to the same network used with the Base Station before attempting to register the product to your account.


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    I'm using an iPhone 6s. Do both the phone and owlet need to be on 2.4GHz network. The Wifi router support both frequencies simultaneously. I assume my phone is using 5GHz. I'm having trouble at register step.

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    Jake Colvin

    Hi! Sorry, this aspect of the site is usually unmonitored. I noticed that you had a conversation going through the regular channel, but for future similar questions, yes - both the phone and the base station have to be on the same network (2.4GHz) during the registration step.

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