Will the Owlet Baby Monitor Burn My Baby's Foot?

The Owlet Baby Monitor burning your child's foot is very unlikely

The Owlet Team has carefully designed the Smart Sock to be as safe and comfortable as possible. If you feel the sock or any part of the product has caused an issue or a red mark, please discontinue use and contact Owlet Customer Support before continuing to use the product.


Why do nurses regularly rotate hospital pulse oximeter leads in the hospital?

Although it is a regular practice for nurses to rotate the position and location of hospital pulse oximeter leads on infants, this is not required with the Owlet Baby Monitor. Such rotation of position and location is required due to the design of hospital pulse oximeter leads.  These leads are very thin, and rest directly on the skin, which means the components (LED light, etc.) are actually raised, and when worn, often press into the skin.  In addition, hospital leads use an adhesive to keep the lead in place.  For infants who experience extended hospital stays, the combination of pressing into the skin and continually removing adhesives can cause pressure sores that appear like burns on their tender feet.  

The LEDs used in pulse oximeters actually produce very little heat, and have been greatly improved over earlier technology used in the 80's and early 90's that could actually cause burns on some infants feet from overuse.  This problem is almost eradicated in hospitals today.

The Owlet Baby Monitor has been designed with protective layers both within the Smart Sock Electronics and in the fabric sock to keep all components from pressing on or touching the skin directly and the re-sizable sock removes any need for adhesive.


Owlet Design  

At Owlet, as parents ourselves, we care deeply about the safety and comfort of your baby.  We have carefully approached every design question and feature with a goal to provide parents and their baby with the best care possible.  

In addition to all required regulatory testing and standards for product safety and product use with infants, we've rigorously challenged every aspect of the Owlet Baby Monitor through extensive in-office testing, over 10,000 hours of in-home testing, and additional laboratory and accuracy testing. 

Each and every component used in the Owlet Baby Monitor has been selected for its quality and the manufacturing process is carefully overseen.

Safety and comfort are our number one goal. If you see or experience any issue related to the above article, stop using the product immediately and notify an Owlet Representative.  

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