Smart Sock: Health and Safety

As parents, our lives are centered on our children’s health and safety. When purchasing an electronic product that sits on a baby’s foot, some have expressed concern about the general safety of the product.

As a company of parents who use the Smart Sock, we have engaged in rigorous testing to ensure the Smart Sock is safe for all families. In the spirit of trust and transparency, we want to address all your questions and concerns so you can confidently use our products.

Why do nurses regularly rotate hospital pulse oximeter leads in the hospital?

You may notice that in the hospital, nurses switch the pulse oximeter from foot to foot. This is because infants in the hospital have compromised skin integrity, either from being very sick or from being premature. This puts them at risk of developing a skin irritation. These skin irritations may be caused by pressure: either the device being on too tight or for too long or from friction as the device rubs back and forth against the skin.

Although the Smart Sock is not a medical device and is intended to be used at home on healthy babies intermittently, the practice of switching a pulse oximeter from foot to foot is helpful. We recommend rotating the Smart Sock every four hours to start, then increase the time on each foot as your baby’s skin becomes more tolerant, up to  10-12 hours. You may see some indentations from the Smart Sock from time to time, similar to what a snug sock or diaper might leave, but these should fade by the time you are ready to use the Smart Sock again. Please check out this article here on how to care for your smart sock and avoid red marks. 

Will the Smart Sock burn my baby’s skin?

Not only have we taken great care to ensure the Smart Sock is comfortable on your little one’s foot, but have also taken measures to ensure the Smart Sock will not overheat and cause a burn.

We have conducted in-house as well as third-party testing and have collected over 10,000 hours of in-home testing to ensure that our device will not heat up while on a baby’s foot. Even though the Smart Sock is a consumer product and not a medical device, we tested it to a standard often used by governing bodies that regulate medical devices. This standard ensures pulse oximeters do not get to or exceed a temperature proven to cause burns in infants.

In addition, each and every component used in the Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor has been selected for its quality and the manufacturing process is carefully overseen.

Here at Owlet, we know that parents stop at nothing to make sure their baby is healthy, safe and happy, and we are thrilled to work with you during this exciting time. We always want to hear your feedback and address any concerns you may have about our products. Please feel free to reach out to us at