The Base Station Is Giving a Yellow Notification (Flashing Light/Song)


Possible Causes

The sock is not getting a good read

  • Wrong sized sock
  • Incorrect placement of the sock on foot
    • Sock Sensor positioned incorrectly on foot (Bottom of the right foot, top of the left)
    • Sock not fitting snuggly enough
  • Incorrect placement of the electronics within the sock
  • Ambient light too bright

If you are using the monitor with twins, the sensor may have inadvertently connected with both base stations.


Possible Solutions

  • Review sock sizing and choose a sock that fits snuggly (no excessive wrinkling or bagginess)
  • Adjust Sock Placement
    • Make sure baby’s pinky toe aligns with the notch in the center of the sensor electronics.
    • Make sure sock is snug - adjust the back strap and bottom strap to obtain a snug fit.
  • Adjust electronics within the sock
    • Make sure sensors are centered in the windows of the sock
    • Make sure the round head of the electronics are fully inserted into the sock and held in place
  • The sock is intended for night-time use, during naps or other times with greater ambient light, keep the sock under a blanket or remove the baby/sock from direct sunlight.