The Base Station Is Disconnected From The Internet

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Possible causes for your base to be disconnected from WiFi

  • The app may be showing an incorrect status - the Base Station may actually be connected to the internet and the app doesn't know it yet.
  • Home WiFi disruption
  • The Base Station may be out of range of your internet router

Possible Solutions

  1. It is possible that the Base Station is successfully connected to WiFi but the app just doesn't know it. Before doing any other troubleshooting, you should first:
    1. Check the bottom of your Base Station, there is a small indicator light that says "WiFi". If that light is brightly illuminated, then your Base Station is already successfully connected to WiFi. If that light is not lit, skip down to the next section of troubleshooting "Home WiFi Disruption"
    2. If your base is successfully connected to WiFi and the App doesn't show that it is, uninstall the app and then reinstall it. This will help it to refresh all of the details and successfully connect with your device.
    3. If the status is still showing that the Base Station is not connected to your home WiFi, contact our Tech Support line at 1-844-334-3717
  2. Home WiFi Disruption (Steps in order)
    1. Wait a few minutes for the WiFi to automatically reconnect, when the Base Station is connected to WiFi, the small indicator light on the bottom of the Base will be brightly illuminated. If not:
    2. Reset your home WiFi (reset the router)
    3. If your other WiFi devices are having trouble connecting to the internet, try calling your Internet Service Provider for help with your service outage or technical difficulties.
  3. The Base Station May Be Out Of Range Of Your Internet Router
    1. Especially if occurring during initial set up, it could be that your WiFi router is just a little too far away. Setup requires a bit more bandwidth than normal use, so if this is happening while you're setting up, move the Base Station closer to your router, complete the setup, and then move the Base Station to your little one's room
    2. If occurring during regular use, try moving your Base Station and home router closer together (WiFi range extenders and second routers will not work)