Cannot See the Owlet WiFi During Setup

Note that the Owlet WiFi should only be broadcast during the initial setup. After you've successfully connected the Owlet to your home WiFi, it will no longer broadcast the Owlet WiFi.  

If you are connecting your Owlet to WiFi for the first time, you should see a wireless network being broadcast that has "Owlet" in the name. This is a temporary network that won't always be there, but will help you during setup. Follow the directions in the Mobile App to complete WiFi connectivity. If you don't see a network with "Owlet" in the name, read below for what may cause that to happen and how to sort it out.

Possible Causes

  • The Base Station is not plugged in
  • The Base Station is already connected to WiFi

Possible Solutions

  • Plug the base station in, and cycle (turn off/on) your WiFi in your phone
  • Check to see if the WiFi light is on (bottom of the Base Station); if it is, you are already connected to the WiFi network. If your app is still asking you to connect to WiFi, you can skip that step and move on to registration.


If all else fails, try to Reset Wireless Network Credentials

  • With the Base Station plugged in, press both the main Base Station button and the small button at the same time for 10 seconds to factory reset the Base Station - then repeat the regular steps to connect to the WiFi. 
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