What Does The Base Station Look Like During Normal Use?

During use, there are some different colors you will see on the Base Station to indicate how things are going. 
Here's what to expect:


Starting to Monitor

When you first put the Smart Sock on your little one's foot and press the Base Station to turn on monitoring, you will see the Base Station blink green while it searches for a reading.
Once it has found your little one, it will begin to pulse green slowly, indicating that readings are normal.






Sock Charging

When you are charging the Smart Sock on the Base Station, the Base will glow a cool white color. This indicates that it is getting a charge and that the Smart Sock is successfully paired with the Base Station.
You may also see the Base Station solid white when it is going through an update.





Red Notification

If your Base Station flashes red and plays an audible buzzer, this means that the heart rate or oxygen levels appear to be out of the preset zone.





Blue Notification

If your Base Station flashes blue and plays a lullaby tune, this means that the Smart Sock and the Base Station are unable to communicate via Bluetooth.





Yellow Notification

If your Base Station flashes yellow and plays a lullaby tune, this means that the Smart Sock is not able to find a reading on your little one's foot.






If you are getting the above notifications and want to troubleshoot why they may be happening, please see our Tech Support Section on Notifications here:

Tech Support - Notifications



To Recap:




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